Carmela Monk Crawford, Message Magazine Editor
Carmela Monk Crawford spent the past 25 years advocating for the voiceless through journalism and law. She graduated from Oakwood College in 1987 and worked as a feature writer and reporter for the Syracuse Post Standard. As a former associate editor for Message, she blended the interests of the community at the grassroots with thoughtful Biblical analysis.  After leaving in 1995 to study at The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law, she  practiced law in Ohio, working in criminal defense, immigration and juvenile law. Those experiences proved to be spiritually life-changing and stoked her passion for the work to be done with friends and family. Now, returning to Message as editor, she continues her quest to re-ignite lay people like herself to the cause and urgency of personal outreach.
She is married to David Crawford an Information Technology System Administrator and they have three children, Kharis, Langston and Nathan.
Love in the Last Days, Scripture: Romans 13:8-14