Prayer Requests

  • that dr think might have cancer and im stuggle with finicial ect im a single mom and I have two special needs teenagers GODgive them services and supports they need I want become vegtairian that GO...

    tammy showole

  • Dear Most Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father, I pray that each and every prayer request is met with your love, wisdom and understanding. Please answer each prayer and encourage us all to continue to...

    Leon Fowler

  • I would like to pray for my family and that God will keep us focus on Him and always stay faithful to His will.  Also for my daughter that she will start speaking and that she will do well in schoo...


  • I was laid off my job and searching for work.  Pray that God teach me what lessons I should learn and that I grow spiritually and that I continually put my trust in Him.  Thank you

    Single mom

  • Please pray for me that I will able to remain focus as I study for my social work licensing exam which I will be sitting for within the next few weeks.

    Miss B

    Miss B

  • Please pray for my financial problems, and health problems and mental tensions

    Balaraju Gummadi

  • Please pray for me. I wold really like to go back to school. However, as an international student, on my own I can't afford it.

    Please pray for me, that I gain acceptance and the financial ...




  • Please pray for me, I'm in desperate need of a full time job.  I've been searching for full time work for almost 3 years.

    Thanks you

    Jay J.

  • I'm asking for prayers for faith, wisdom and understanding from Jesus and also to be more productive in my professional and personal lives.  I really need God's blessings right now.

    I furth...

    Angus Allen

  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for some moves/ travels to be 100% as God would have them, to His name's honour and glory. Thanks. 



  • Please pray for my healing. I need a miracle. Please Lord forgive me and restore my health. Have mercy on me dear Lord. Amen



  • Please Pray for the lord through Jesus name to heal Lisa Ariotti Kidneys and Liver completely with PKD and Make her Organs Brand New Working Perfectly. We are asking the lord for a Miracle healing....


  • i blew the whistle on bad habits at work.  And now I am under the microscope.Please Pray for God to continue to fight my battles.


  • Please pray for me and my life I need to change my life and be more close to God. I'm are waking dead person.


  • I am requesting prayer for success in my licensing exam which I will be sitting for on Friday, January 9, 2015. 


  • Happy 90th Anniversary,

    Sending  many blessings to the Ephesus Family.  Giving thanks for blessings received and good health.  Sending out prayers for all ...

    From: The Parker Family

  • My Heavenly Father,

               Humbly I ask that you will restore unity within...


  • Please pray for my mother as she is at the beginning of Alzheimers. Pray that I may be able to care for her as best I can during these tough times. I also pray for the healing of my family and the ...


  • Please pray for my family the devil is trying to destroy and weaken us but I know that the Lord answers prayer and he will soften all hearts and put love in their hearts one to another and praise G...


  • Pray that God Sees my fiancé's struggle but willingness to learn more about The Lord and that he decides to give his life to Christ. 


  • My boss is using her power to intimidate and harass me. And I need the prayers of the saints to lift up their voices and plead that i may gain the victory at work. Thank you.


  • Please pray for my financial situation and for the Lord to be praised as He works out all situations to His glory.


  • I pray that God helps my baby girl with her speech and that he renews my spirit and focus on him and what he wants for my life.


  • Please for my friend who is facing some serious legal issues.  He has just decided to start attending and joining the Seventh Day Adventist Church.


  • Please pray for deliverance for my family. We have been through so much as family, I ask you to pray that the dark clouds that are hanging over my family especially my dad be removed and he will be...


  • Please pray that my little girl starts to speak and that she gets the help that she needs to do so.  Thanks


  • Please pray for my wife and I as we search for a new home to raise our newborn son. God Bless.

    Erik S.

  • Please pray that the strongholds in me and my family's lives will be broken--in particular, deliverance, healing, and restoration. Also, an enemy has me in court with very evil intentions. Please p...


  • Please pray that I get a Christian husband this year. I have been praying for many years about this issue. I want my home to be centered on Christ and praying for a breakthrough.


  • Please pray that God provides me with healing, strength and knowledge to get through this time in my life. Thank you.


  • Pl pray for me to overcome my financial problem and depression.


  • Pls. pray for me and many loved ones desperate for healing


  • I am requesting prays for the many S.D.A church member who are struggling.

    Also requesting prayer for those of us who are helping financially as much as we could.

    May God keep us hu...


  • Please pray for succwas as I study and sit for the LMSW exam within the next few weeks.  I am also desperately seeking a new job as I am currently working in a hostile environment. Also pray for a ...


  • Please pray for me that God will  provide me with financial breakthrough so that I can become debt free. Also, I need prayer for God to send me an Christian man who loves to worship the Lord and is...


  • Pray for me as I am on the journey to strengthening my relationship with the Lord. I do not want to stumble onto the wrong path. Pray that I stay strong and make the right decisions.


  • Please pray for me that I get a promotion at my job. Conversely, please pray for me for continuous health and strength and that I may have a closer walk with Jesus.



  • Please pray for my family as we make a difficult health decision & for healing. God bless.


  • Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    I pray for the salvation and healing of the following loved ones:

    Julian Zukmann

    Roberta Beaudry

    John Williams


    Tori Kamppi

  • Please pray for my health and financial stability for my fiancé and I


  • Please pray for a job & to trust God that he will provide for my needs financially. Please also pray for my family members who are not believers. Thank you!


  • Please Pray for Roy who is seeking an SDA church where he can find community and preparation for baptism.  Also prayers regarding a specific outcome in relation to his job.


  • Please help support our prayers for a baby whom my husband and I, along with our families will cherish dearly, honoring His name.  Lord, thank you for the blessings we have already received as well...


  • My name is Eric Mac Farlane . I was an member  at Ephesus  in Harlem  I even got baptized  there now I'm in West Palm  Beach  Florida  Seven day Adventist  Church   please pray that I stay an true ...

    assistant in praying

  • please pray for me that God should heal me from the disease called Fibroid in jesus mighty name.


  • Maria Goretti S.Stoiev

  • Please pray for me and my family that we will have a closer walk with God. He has been so good to us and we cannot thank him enough,


  • please pray for my grandma she had broken her knee and i am worried she wont get better. she has had a broken knee for months now



  • dear god father in heaven please bless my family near and far and help us all take a closer walk into your path in jesus name i pray amen.

    betttina bonterre

  • I'm in my final semester of law school and I'm truly grateful to God for having brought me this far. That said, I am in greater need of His guidance than I think I have ever been before. My prayer ...


  • I pray that we understand that the time of the end is near! Can we the church step it up in letting the people know the expectations of God?

    Thanks for the service today! I was truly blest,...

    Cee Josephs

  • Please pray that the Lord would provide me with a career opportunity that would allow me to grow both spiritually and emotionally.